Feb 17, 2007

2007 Chili Bowl

I've been running steadily for nearly 5 years and I still dread racing a 5k. You think I'd be used to "that" feeling prior to and during the race. There's just something about not being able to breathe that lingers in the mind, not letting you forget about how miserable you'll eventually feel. The crazy thing about it all, and one of the reasons I continue to run, is that 30-seconds after it's over, I feel on top of the world! Especially when I achieve the goal(s) I had hoped for. My goal for this years edition of Chili Bowl was to run 6-minute miles. That's it. It's early and I knew the weather wasn't going to be the best. Turns out, the weather wasn't too bad. About 15 minutes prior to the start, it started to snow... the real light, fluffy kind of snow. Temps were probably in the teens, 14°F I'd guess, which was a little warmer than last years 5°F.

My first mile (5:55) seemed fast considering it took me a minute to weave through the crowd at the start. Mile 2 (6:12) seemed slow and mile 3 (5:55) was either fast or I did better than I thought turning around a cone positioned on a small out-and-back section near the end. Of course the last 1/10 of a mile was fast (kick time baby!) and I came in at 18:37, which averaged out to 6-minute pace exactly. Sweet!

I placed 4th in my new age division and 16th overall. Enjoyed some chili, conversation and laughter with some good friends afterwards (pics still to come).

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E-Speed said...

Oh we are like racing twins! I was 4th AG and 18th overall female. Add a minute to each mile for me though ;)

It's eerie how often we have similar races!

Great job on the first race of the season!

DaisyDuc said...

Those are so sweet splits. It seems crazy to run those splits and not be in the top 3 in age group as that is moving!!

At any rate, a great race to start 2007. It was nice to meet you!!