Feb 9, 2007

Making Sense of Things

As a 135 lb sophomore in high school, I remember thinking to myself..."if only I could get to 150 lbs I'd be content". I thought 150 lbs would be a respectable weight to put on the football roster. By my senior year, I weighed 145 lbs although my weight was listed at 160 lbs on the roster. Looking back, I should not have lied about my weight because I was a pretty darn good football player and - even though I wasn't fooling anyone - listing my actual weight may have inspired other "little" guys dreaming of playing varsity football. I was too caught up in being someone I wasn't.

Now, 12 years out of high school, I barely tip the scale at 143 lbs and have no desire whatsoever to weigh any more or any less. I've come to accept and be really happy with my "small-ness". I probably wouldn't be nearly as good a runner if I was 5'11" 190 lbs like I so desired while in high school. It's amazing how things find their place in life. Running is a part of who I am. It took me a while to find it but it all sort of makes sense now.

What can I do with this realization? Well, hopefully in a few years, if necessary, I can tell my son that being small has it's advantages. You know, you can be a horse jockey, run fast marathons and maybe even play a hobbit if another Lord of the Rings movie is filmed! Now... doesn't that feel better? : )


Curly Su said...

ahh! a little hobbit! SO cute!

Papa Louie said...

143 is good for me too, which by the way, is less than what I was in high school. But I'm so much stronger today than yesteryear.

Teresa said...

You're hot to me no matter what you weigh or how big you are.:) I love you just the way you are!:)