Feb 27, 2007

Complimentary Tuesday

This morning I brought my trusty iPod Shuffle with me (loaded up with The Shins) to help get me through my planned 5 mile tempo run. Admitedly, The Shins aren't the most high energy band in the world but I can easily get lost in their lyrics/melodies, which makes the miles fly by. Today's tempo was pretty much a carbon copy of last Thursday's except that I ran my 4th mile a little faster (5:52) and was a little slower on my cooldown mile (total time 34:44). I had a good 35-40 minutes to strength train before needing to head home so I did a lot of upper body stuff: chest press, lat pulldowns, seated rows, decline sit-ups (w/ medicine ball), tricep pulldowns and seated dumbell curls. Some woman who seems to be a regular on the track at 5AM told me that I make her run faster and wishes she wasn't switching gyms next week because she feels she'd become a stronger runner because of me. I thought that was a nice compliment.

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