Feb 22, 2007

Chest Scars Are Scary

35 minute tempo run on the indoor track at EMH. Did two miles at 7:30 pace and then started ramping it up for the next mile so that I could run a 6-minute fourth mile. Cooled down with an easy mile and did a quick set of tricep pulldowns before pearling. Total run: 5 miles, 34:44.

Tomorrow is a scheduled day off so I'll probably just strength train for 45 minutes in the morning. I actually have to work this weekend, which will make it a little tricky to get my runs in but I'm going to try.


E-Speed said...

where are you running on an indoor track? How long is it? I have been thinking about trying to find one instead of the awful treadmill.

Brian said...

EMH Center for Health and Fitness. It's in Avon, right off of Rt83. I can bring a guest 4 times a year so let me know if you get treadmilled out!