Feb 21, 2007

Hump Day Already?

Up again at 4:08AM. I think I'm going to become OCD about waking up at that time on the mornings I work out. I don't know why... it's just something I would do. Doing so allows me plenty of time to take care of the dogs, get my workout/work clothes together, grab a bite to eat and watch a few minutes of TV (poker is on ESPN). I had signed up for a 5:45 spin class this morning and figured I could get a 30-minute run in beforehand. My run was done at a relaxed pace and went by very fast (approx. 4 miles). I arrived at the spin class a few minutes early so the instructor could orient me with my bike and get it set up for me. We did a fair amount of climbing (i.e. out of the saddle) and also did a lot of work geared towards maintaining cadence while increasing resistence. Spin workouts are very high energy and fast paced. You really get your money's worth, so to speak.

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Curly Su said...

4:08 is EXACTLY the time I would set my alarm for...I might be OCD too, but at least we've got company, eh?