Feb 26, 2007

Just Fine, Thank You

I'm really working this "up early" thing to a science. For a Monday, I popped out of bed like a spring chicken and was at the gym just after 5AM. My scheduled run was 3 miles so I figured I could do that followed by 20-25 minutes of strength training before my 6AM spin class. Completed the 3 miles in 21:33 and did some light work on my abs, lower back, tri's and bi's. I arrived early to the spin room to get my bike set up. I learned from last week and brought two bottles of water to drink. Today's instructor was awesome! I never went to boot camp but I'd be willing to bet this guy did! His voice was booming and he was spitting orders left and right. He's a good instructor to have on a Monday morning. Before I left I told him that I will look forward to his class each week.

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Neese said...

Hi Brian, nice to "meet" you, what a great workout for a monday morning!