Feb 20, 2007

A Good Start...

I woke up this morning at 4:08, let the dogs out, fed them, ate some Cookie Crisps (the breakfast of champions) and watched poker on TV for about 10 minutes before finally getting my workout clothes together and heading to the gym. Four minutes in the car and I found myself waiting alongside the other earlybirds to get into EMH. Once the doors opened, I quickly changed and was on the run by 5:05 doing 800-meter repeats (4x800). I ran my 800's at 5:30-5:40 pace with about 60-seconds rest in between. Following a mile cooldown, I did about 30-minutes of strength training before signing up for tomorrow morning's 5:45 spin class on my way out. It felt great to have accomplished so much before 6:30AM and to have set myself up for more of the same tomorrow. I got home and drank a huge glass of V8 before showering and leaving for work. I was feeling super healthy until I arrived at work and saw that it was Girl Scout cookie delivery day and two boxes of Thin Mints were waiting for me! I was good though and only had a few. I threw the rest in the freezer in hopes that I forget about them or am too lazy to walk to the lunch room to grab them!

Strength Training summary

Abdominal crunches (3x20, 60 lbs)
Lower back hyperextensions, Roman chair (3x20)
Tricep pulldowns, tricep bar (3x14, 70 lbs)
Bicep curls, dumbells (3x20, 20 lbs)
Standing lateral shoulder raise (3x12, 10 lbs)
Butterfly chest press (3x12, 60 lbs)


SoupKitchen said...

Wow! I need to start pushing myself more! Want to be my trainer?

A. M. Mericsko said...

you are insane!! super brian!!!