Mar 1, 2007

Black River Reservation

Since I've been somewhat of an indoor snob of late, I figured it'd do me some good to get outside and reacquaint myself with nature. I picked a great spot this evening. When I pulled into the Black River Reservation the first thing I noticed was a fog in one of the clearings. I couldn't wait to change and get in the thick of it. It was warm enough to wear shorts but there was still a wintery bite that made everything seem really quiet. I could hear the ice melting and water flowing down the rocks and down the river. About 2 miles in I came upon a whitetail deer standing off the side of the path. She stood quietly as I passed as did her partner who I encountered a few seconds later. I don't know if I was in a zone up to that point but after, I saw 11 more whitetails along the path, including one badass looking buck. Teresa always worries about me when I run alone but no need to worry sweetie! I had a few friends watching my back tonight!! Total run was about 5.25 miles, although I only intended on 5. Total time 33:14.

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