Mar 7, 2007

Brick By Brick

Did my first brick workout of 2007 this evening. 45 minute spin class at 6PM followed by 3 miles on the indoor track. It's really hard to summarize a spin class since they're all designed to challenge. Tonight's instructor was really good. She had a full house but was able to lock in on certain individuals (including me) to help them make the most of their spin. After a brief cooldown, I headed straight to the track for my run. The legs felt a little shaky at first (no surprise there) but I was hitting 7-minute pace right off the bat and was able to speed up after a mile or so. Run time: 19:39.

Teresa worked evenings tonight so I hung around for some strength training. Got home and busted out some bologna, which I haven't had in years! Probably not the best post-workout meal, but that's OK. It made me feel like a kid again. I even peeled off the crust and fed it to my dogs!

1 comment:

E-Speed said...

Sweet looks like you are ready to pace me to a 19:59 ;) Even after a bike ride!

Bologna, not so sure about that ;)