Mar 23, 2007

Something Unusual

Something very unusual happened this morning. I actually got in the pool for the first time in 6 months! I found that swimming is kinda like riding a bicycle... once you learn, you never forget. Except in my case, the bicycle is one of those ancient high wheel types that are inefficient as heck. I had fun though and was really impressed with the pool and the room it's in. one half of the indoor track passes by the pool with 5-6 large windows looking down on it so I shouldn't have been surprised with the wide open feel in the room. The pool itself was a cozy 84°F. I stretched for a few minutes before jumping in and started off with some easy backstroking to get the blood flowing. I then went right into laps but made a point not to count. For now, I don't want to structure my swims at all. I'll do what feels productive in whatever amount of time I've got available (30-minutes this morning). Had just enough time to get showered and changed before heading into a 45-minute spin class. Hey, I guess that counts as a brick!


A. M. Mericsko said...

LOL!!! I love this pict!

Papa Louie said...

WOW 6 months since your last swim? Good thing it's like riding a bike.