Mar 30, 2007

p = m v

Imagine a large semi-truck rolling down the highway at 100 mph (that's a lot of momentum!). Now imagine it passing some of the most beautiful scenic overlooks, tempting the driver to slow down and break that momentum. That was me this morning as I roared through my door after a killer workout and was greeted by my 2 adorable puppies, a hot shower and my beautiful wife as she slept peacefully in bed. My momentum was shot and I wanted nothing more than to spend the day at home like a slug : ) Good thing my workout was behind me.

I did a modified 3-2-1 workout instead of a typical tempo (I'm getting bored with those!). Having only 45-minutes, I went with a 2-1-0.5 workout for a total of 7 miles (see below)

Mile 1 - 7:01
Mile 2 - 6:48
Mile 3 - 5:59
Mile 4 - 5:58
Mile 5 - 7:53
Mile 6 - 5:38
Mile 6.5 - 4:02
Mile 7.0 - 2:42
Total Time- 46:03
Avgerage Pace - 6:35

Had just enough time to re-fill my water bottle and head into spin class. Wednesday's class was all about speed so today was to be about resistance. Susanna (if you're reading this), Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends", "Holiday" and Queen's "I Want to Break Free" stood out this morning as good songs.

One of the regular spinners stumbled upon my blog through a google search. How crazy is that? Hi Nancy if you're reading this! It was nice to meet you this morning. I'm envious of your committment to spinning. It makes me want to work harder and go more often!


E-Speed said...

Nice job on the "3,2,1" Those are rough!

I missed my wake up call this morning, not sure if I will find time to squeeze my tempo in but I hope I do!

Curly Su said...

thanks for the suggestions; nice workout! got any races coming up?

Neese said...

impressive workout! and a big awwww on the two adorable puppies and beautiful wife.