Mar 19, 2007

Weekend Summary

I managed to get my weekend runs done so early in the day that by 3PM or so I was feeling the need to do something else... almost as if I never went out in the morning. Yesterday was especially strange given that I had knocked out 18-miles by 9AM. I felt great during the run with the exception of my shoulders, which hurt because I did some light bench pressing on Saturday after completing my 8-mile pace run, which was in the books by 8AM. I'm still not a morning person, but I'm starting to feel like a morning runner. Baby steps, I guess.

Substituted my planned 3 mile recovery run with a 45-minute spin class this morning.


Papa Louie said...

If you want to run 20 this coming Sunday morning I'll be running it with Vertical Runner stores fully supported run. Check out their web site in the message board for info. And if interested let me know. Thanks.

Curly Su said...

um...18m by 9? Yeah, I think you're a morning person now... :)