Mar 20, 2007

Speedwork, Gettin' Tough

6x800 meters this AM. I ran them faster than when I last did 800's and kept to my 2:50 rest intervals in order to make the most of the workout. I started off fast as always simply because I don't want to start off slow. My problem is that I never adjust. Oh well. I'm pretty good at listening to my body and would bring it down a notch if needed. My goal has been to work up to 8x800, leaving every 5:40, consistently running 2:50's (or better). So far so good.

1 - 2:46, 2 - 2:44, 3 - 2:43, 4 - 2:45, 5 - 2:43, 6 - 2:46

I hope these workouts pay off because half the people at the gym think I'm nuts. Seriously. I can see it in their faces when they look at me.


Papa Louie said...

You crank out those kind of workouts and it Has to pay off. Keep tough but run relaxed.

E-Speed said...

are you doing this on the indoor track or the dreadmill?

People in gyms usually aren't there to crank out those kind of stats ;) No wonder they think you are crazy :)

Brian said...

There are only a few others on the track in the morning or else I would probably opt to do the 800's on a treadmill. I need to get back with the gang on Tuesday nights where we're all crazy!!

Neese said...

excellent times! it will certainly pay off.. the looks may seem like they think you are nuts but certainly they are just flat impressed!