Mar 27, 2007

It's A Dog's Life

On my way out the door this morning, I asked my dog Kootie (that's him on the left) if he would like to go in my place to run hills. I gave him explicit instructions as to how many reps to do and at what pace to do them at. He yawned, rolled to his side and fell back asleep : ) Oh well. I was just in no mood to do hills today but I sweated out 6 of them, on the treadmill no less, with the steepest incline at 9.5%. The only thing I did different from last time was shorten the climb to 0.25 miles. I kept the recovery to 0.4 miles, which seemed too short given the way I was feeling. I did some light work on my hamstrings and quadriceps afterwards and was able to look down at the pool in between reps and take note of a couple guys who appeared to be strong swimmers. I plan on taking the plunge again tomorrow but am not sure whether to go before or after my scheduled 4 mile run. I've had trouble with leg cramps when swimming after a run, so maybe it makes sense to swim first. Any thoughts?

Artwork: 10-minute sketch of Kootie I did last night


E-Speed said...

definitely swim before the run. It's a great warm up! If you swim after treat it as a cool down, don't kick hard, and hopefully you won't cramp! (Drink gatorade after every 200 yards or so!)

Papa Louie said...

swim then run.
keep those 10 minute sketches coming. And next time don't let kootie get away from a workout so easy.

DaisyDuc said...

Good thing you did not take Kootie's advice. Them are some tough workouts you have been putting in!

A. M. Mericsko said...

I like the drawing of your pooch!