Mar 14, 2007

Pi Day - 3.14

Today is Pi Day in the world of geekdom, which includes me since I know enough about pi to appreciate why today is special. I remember memorizing the first 10-12 digits of pi while in college, which was far more than I will ever need to know. I think I did it because I heard the earths circumference (equator) could be calculated to within a few millimeters by using it's known diameter and 10 decimal places of pi. To me that seemed pretty cool at the time. I still get a kick out of stuff like that, to be honest. Coincidentally, we're having pie brought in for a work meeting (informally called pie meetings)

Anyway, my run this morning went well. I should have run at 7 minute pace for exactly 22 minutes, which would have yielded exactly 3.14 miles. Typical me, I got a little antsy and bumped up the pace after about 1 mile, finishing my 3-mile run in 19:58. I followed up my run with some spinning, which is precisely what my head has has been doing since making the connection with today's date. Oh well!

Summary of recent runs
Saturday: 7 miles (marathon pace) - 45:23 (6:30 pace... a little fast but felt great)
Sunday: 13 miles (Team In Training group run) - 9+ minute pace
Tuesday: 40 minute tempo - sluggish at first. Good run overall.

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E-Speed said...

The only math I get geeked about is that inolved in calculating my run splits ;)

Great job on the runs!

Which marathon are you doing again? Cleveland?