Mar 6, 2007

Got My Days Mixed Up

I just realized that I was supposed to do some 800's this morning, but instead did another 35-minute tempo. Oh well. I'll do my 800's on Thursday instead. Felt a little sluggish starting off but fell into a groove after a mile and gradually increased my pace from 7:30 to 6:00/mile over the next 3 miles. Fourth mile in 6:01 and then finished with an easy mile cooldown followed by some light strength training for about 30-minutes. Run time: 34:40

Today is my brother's 32'nd birthday! Happy Birthday David!


Neese said...

Happy Birthday David!

(re: previous post I like seeing "Black River Reservation" I was born and raised in Ohio so it's need to read something familiar!)

Papa Louie said...

Sounds like a great workout. You must be getting in great shape. Good for you.

Brian said...

Like you Lou, I'm only getting better with age : ) We should start a club together!!