Mar 15, 2007

Cardio Vision

This morning called for hills and since I've become such an indoor snob, I figured the best way to get 'em done was on a treadmill. Some of the treadmills at EMH have 12" TV's mounted on them, called Cardio Vision (or something like that). I plugged my headphones into a jack near the main controls, surveyed the full lineup of local cable channels and tuned into the 5AM Sportscenter on ESPN. After a mile warmup I ramped up the elevation to 7% and kept the speed constant at 8.5 (7:06 min/mile) for 0.3 miles. Took 0.4 miles to recover and repeated the process 4 more times, each time bumping the elevation up by 0.5% and ending with a 9% grade hill. I don't especially like hills on a race course but I'm a big fan of training on them. Felt pretty wiped out at the end and had to ease into my planned strength training. I'm thinking next week I'll work in some pool time.


DaisyDuc said...

Oh does that sound like a grueling workout. If there is one thing worse than hills, it is doing them on a treasmill!

Fantastic effort!

Papa Louie said...

Nice cardio vision run on the treadmill.